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ORIGINS (a science fiction thriller)

At the start of an unusually hot British summer, Loughborough-based geneticist, Dr. Mark Holland discovers a man-made virus while investigating a number of unexplained crocodile deaths for the Australian Government; Kate Watson, the Estate Manager at Elvaston Castle – a childhood friend of Mark’s who he hasn’t seen for almost twenty years – stumbles across a strange electronic device hidden inside a derelict folly within the castle grounds; and Jacob Ellis, a local office worker, wakes up screaming every morning: his dreams haunted by the horrors he has unknowingly been subjected to inside a brightly-lit, metal-clad medical laboratory.

As the summer unfolds, their fates become intertwined: two old friends, reunited as they seek to unearth the truth behind the virus, the device, and their elusive creators; and an unwitting but highly dangerous adversary, prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure that it remains buried.

ORIGINS (a cross-genre thriller with a science fiction theme) is available now from,,,,, and

I am currently writing my second novel, EARTH (a sequel to ORIGINS).

2 Responses to My Books

  1. amberskyef says:

    The cover of this book is so simple yet gorgeous. It immediately drew my eye when I came here.

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